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Terry Brooks has written more than twenty books, three-quarters of which tie into one another in various ways. It can be confusing, as a new reader, to know what.

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Human Mom, Non-Human Dad - TV Tropes The Human Mom, Non-Human Dad trope as used in popular culture. When is the last time you heard of a Half-Human Hybrid who was human on his or her father's …

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Shannara - Wikipedia The next four books consist of The Scions of Shannara, The Druid of Shannara, The Elf Queen of Shannara and The Talismans of Shannara. These books are known as The.

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Shannara (video game) - Wikipedia Shannara is a computer game released in 1995 for DOS and Microsoft Windows. It is based on the Shannara series of books by Terry Brooks..

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Shannara (Literature) - TV Tropes One of the first second-generation fantasy series, and among the longest running, Terry Brooks' series Shannara began in 1977 with a doorstopper called The …

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Shannara (Chronological Order) Series by Terry Brooks This list shows the chronological order of the entire Shannara series. Omnibus editions are listed at the bottom.The sub-series in chronological order.

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The Scions of Shannara (Heritage of Shannara, Book One. The Scions of Shannara (Heritage of Shannara, Book One) (The Heritage of Shannara) (9780345370747): Terry Brooks: Books